105: Between the Pain of One Set of Parents and the Joy of Another

An Interview with Angela Tucker

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Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 105

Angela Tucker is on a mission to center adoptee voices -- which have been historically marginalized -- because she considers adoptees the experts in the adoption experience. That’s a great point, and adoptive parents are wise to listen for understanding. In this episode, Angela talks about what it’s like to be wedged between the great pain of one set of parents, and the great joy of the other set of parents. She’ll tell a story about what can happen to an adopted person when they repeat oft-used adoptive parent explanations like “born in my heart.” Listen in to this illuminating conversation with Angela Tucker -- and stick around to the end because there’s a special gift for the first 25 responders to Angela’s generous offer.

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The film: Closure (see also Lori's review of Closure) Free access to the film Closure for the first 25 who click through or use the promo code "lori"
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