110: Figuring Out Open Adoption From Scratch

Lessons Learned by Two Pioneers, a Birth Mom and an Adoptive Mom

Figuring out open adoption

Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 110

Can you imagine fumbling around in the dark for one of the most important missions of your life, without having any training at all? Once the deep flaws in the closed adoption era started to become apparent, some adoption agencies decided to experiment with this newfangled thing called “open adoption.” Adopting parents and birth parents were told to "go have contact” but not given much more info and support than that because at that time, 25-30 years ago, no one had it figured out.

We have 2 guests today, both pioneers, both figure-outers. They entered into the world of adoption around the time that social workers were coming to understand that the decades-long experiment called Closed Adoption hadn’t worked so well for adoptees, for birth parents, even for adoptive parents. Listen in to Kim Court's account of being a birth mother in the pioneer days of open adoption, and Linda Marie Mueller's account of the same as an adoptive mom. What they have to share is so illuminating for those trying to make open adoption work well in current times.

5. Show Notes

Kim on Twitter: @court0516

Kim on Instagram: @court0516 (private; ask for connection)

Kim on LinkedIn: Kim Court

Kim’s email: court0516@yahoo.com

Linda on Facebook: https://bit.ly/LMMfacebook

Linda’s email: linda@lindamariemueller.com

Linda on Twitter: @openadoptmom

Linda on Instagram: @openadoptmom

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