108: Improving Adoption For Everyone

An Interview With Rebecca Vahle

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Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 108

Rebecca Vahle has witnessed the very beginning moments of hundreds of adoptions, starting with her three children, now young adults. Those three vastly differing experiences prompted her to create a program that standardizes care for potential adoption placements in the hospital, training healthcare professionals about the “wedding and the funeral” in the same room. The program has grown from one hospital to dozens in states around the country, and Rebecca is now advocating for the Improving Adoption Outcomes and Affordability Act, working its way through Congress. Here’s what you need to know about all that, along with some poignant adoption stories Rebecca has been privileged to witness.

Show Notes

Website: FamilytoFamilySupport.org

Email: rvahle@familytofamilysupport.org

HR3690 info (including a link to a 1-page summary)

HR3690 video (courtesy of Ashley Mitchell)

Template for 1-pg letter to rouse Congressional support, courtesy Stephanie Predmore

Adoption Perspectives Radio Show

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