109: The Research, Data & Stories Behind Open Adoption

An Interview with Dr. Abbie Goldberg

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Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 109

Some people like stories. Others like numbers. In her book, Open Adoption & Diverse Families, Dr Abbie Goldberg has satisfied both camps, as well as those who equally love stories and data.

Today’s guest has brought me a huge gift in the form of her research. There are things I “know” about effective parenting that I just know in my gut. And that would be this basic premise: truth and transparency and attunement are really solid guiding principles for raising emotionally healthy sons and daughters. So is that merely anecdotally true? Or can that be backed up by data? Dr Abbie Goldberg has spent the last 15 years gathering evidence that what I “know” to be true is, in fact, borne out by data. Listen in as she tells us how families tend to change over time regarding openness, how their openness impacts their children, the role of adoption agencies in setting expectations on both sides, and other wisdom gleaned from 15 years of following adoptive families.

Show Notes

Website: AbbieGoldberg.com

Twitter: @DrAbbieG

Book: Open Adoption & Diverse Families

Mentioned: Open Adoption Grid


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