305: The Right (And Wrong) Way To Tell Your Child Their Adoption Story

Adoption story 305 long view

Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 305

How we see ourselves as adoptive parents is intricately tied with how we see our children via adoption, and ultimately how they see themselves. Seemingly heroic narratives like “saving a child” and seemingly innocuous ones like “we were meant to be together” may have unintended effects that parents don’t see on the front end -- until after damage has been done.

Here to talk with us about taking the longer view right from the start – or wherever you are now – is a woman who is both an adoptee and an adoptive parent. Joanna Ivey helps us understand why such feel-good sentiments, ones adoptive parents often use as our entrance narratives, don’t always land in the intended way for the adoptee. She also reveals ways to frame our narratives to be more accurate, more loving, and more effective in building connections for the adoptee, for ourselves, and between the two of us.

Show Notes:

Website: OurChosenChild.com

Joanna on Instagram: @ourchosenchild

Joanna on Facebook: OurChosenChild

Tummy Mummy: How the term lands for people

Openness ≠ Contact: Animated short about the Inclusive Family Support Model


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