106: "You're Not My Real Mom!" and Other Real Fears of Adoptive Parents

A Conversation with Sara Easterly

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Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 106

If you’ve ever feared not being considered the “real” parent, if you are unsure how you can co-exist in your child’s heart along with their birth mother or father, if you are curious about how an adoptee tries to “earn” their love from their adoptive parents, this episode will speak to you. Sara Easterly, adoptee, mother, and writer, takes us into the secret fears and desires of an adopted child, and she does so with gentleness and grace.

Our guest in this episode is Sara Easterly, and we are going to talk about the one thing that can grip the heart of an adoptive parent with a fist full of fear. The concept of “real,” as in -- coming from another soccer mom, “Oh, he’s adopted? Does he know who his real parents are?” -- and also as in this, coming from your beloved child: “You’re not my real mom!” -- which cuts even deeper.

Show Notes

Website: saraeasterly.com
Facebook: Sara Easterly Author
Instagram: @saraeasterlyauthor
Twitter: @saraeasterly
Book: Searching for Mom
Sara's guest post: "I Want My Real Mom!"
Neufeld Institute course called The Art and Science of Transplanting Children


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