The Most Important Things That I've Learned From Other Birthmoms

And What I Want To Teach Adoptive Parents

Birthmom adoptive parent advice episode2

, Episode 2

Adoption is not all unicorns and glitter! During my adoption, I relied heavily upon the experiences and wisdom of other birthmoms. I encourage you to do the same. Don't hesitate to seek out birth mother resources and support in your area. Here are some of the most important things that I have learned from other birth moms:

• Managing post-placement sadness and grief.

• What to do on the sad days and on the angry days.

• Recognizing what you are looking for in parents for your child.

• How to pick the right family to adopt and raise your child.

In this episode, I also provide some helpful advice to adoptive parents, as they try to meet birth mothers. We discuss:

• What might make your adoption profile effective to a birth mother?

• When is it okay to reach out to someone who is considering adoption? And when is it not okay?

• How to communicate appropriately with an expectant mother.

These are just my opinions, based on what I have gone through as a birthmom. But I hope everyone listening finds my guidance helpful in some way. Remember, if you ever want to talk about this episode or anything else about adoption that is on your mind, please email me at Thank you!!!