Loss & Grief On The Path To Adoption

Loss and grief adoption podcast

, Episode 1

It could be that you arrived here, at this very episode, due to a loss of some kind. We take a look at different life experiences that can bring about or open up adoption as a more-specific option for family building.

Would it surprise you to know that we humans can experience feelings of loss or grief from more than 40 different life events? Just plain living and changes can bring about feelings of sorrow, frustration, loss, heartbreak, and grief.

Navigating challenging feelings is a learnable skill. Normalizing losses and valuing your life experience is also a learnable & improvable skill. We are here for it.
So let's take a gentle look at how adoption came to play this role in family creation for you. - Wendy Sloneker

Show Notes:

Experiencing Loss While Creating a Family