Choosing the Right Adoption Profile Photos

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From dating sites to job boards and social platforms like Facebook, choosing the right photo for yourself has become a very big deal. Adoption profiles are no different. Making a strong first impression can be the start of a life-changing adoption connection. Your lead photo is arguably the single most important aspect of your entire adoption profile. And yet in spite of the high stakes, time and time again we see many adoptive families displaying photos that are blurry, dark, or spoiled by glaring Photoshop fails. Believe it or not, these things can really hurt your chances at an adoption. But the good news is that a bad profile photo is a totally correctable problem and may be even easier to fix than you think!

That’s why we’re devoting this entire episode of The Adoptimist Way to the important subject of choosing the right adoption profile photos. We want to help adoptive parents get over the hump and learn the impact that a good photo can make on your adoption journey. And to help us understand more, we’re be chatting with an expert in the art of choosing engaging and effective profile photos, Erika Ettin, author of Love at First Sight and owner of A Little Nudge - a service that provides dating profile expertise. Although she comes from the dating profile world, Erika has a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning effective profile photos that every adoptive parent can benefit from.

When to Consider New Profile Photos

Could your adoption profile photos really be holding you back from making connections with expectant parents? It is entirely possible and if you are already thinking it, chances are it may be happening. Your photos may be sending the wrong message or turning off your viewers and you may not even realize it! The biggest sign that you may need a photo update is lack of leads or contacts. When you are receiving lots of traffic to your profile but no messages, it may be time to consider swapping photos. You might also consider changing your photo just to freshen up your profile. For example, if you've used a particular photo for long stretches of time without any recent success, it may be time to try a new look. Other signs that you may need new photos include: not smiling, bad lighting (indoors), cropping out ex-spouses/others, and distant shots where your face is not clear.

Common Reasons Families Choose Poor Photos

Not comfortable in front of the camera. Even in today's world of social media and smart phones, many adoptive parents just aren't comfortable taking photos of themselves. This could be for a variety of reasons. But the solution is simple: Understand that adopting is more important than your personal hangups. Then, start to plan out some shots, preferably on a sunny day. Take a lot of photos and then pick the very best one or two that you can live with. Share it with someone you trust, if you aren't sure. If you have a hard time with personal photos, know that you don't need lots of photos for your adoption profile. Just the right ones.

Lack of self-confidence. We can all agree that adoption is not a beauty contest. But keep in mind, no one is asking you to look or act like a supermodel. What we are asking is for you to be authentic and true to who you are. Feature a hobby or a shot with your kids or pet. There is no shame in trying to appear authentic or parental to the birth parents who are attempting to meet the future parents of their child. You can do this by being you and capturing the simple things that are important to you.

Believing that your current photos are already good enough. We get it. Your wedding day was the most important day of your life. But that doesn't always mean it will be the right photo for your adoption search. It may be quite an old photo now. You may feel you looked your absolute best and were your happiest in a particular shot. But that doesn't mean it is right for your adoption profile. A simple pic in the garden with your spouse may capture something else entirely. Something authentic and real that resonates with a potential birth mother.

Changing Your Mentality Starts Now

As adopting a child becomes harder and plagued by longer waits, you will want to try and give your family every advantage you can in order to connect with potential birth parents. If this makes you uncomfortable in some ways, this is totally understandable. But just know that in lieu of an in-person meetup, your photo is the best way for someone to get to see and know your family. It is vital for you to make a solid first impression. And having quality photos to represent you is now an integral part of the adoption process.

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