Changing the "Lucky Child" Adoption Narrative

Adoptive mother holding adopted baby

"Whether our daughter had stayed with her birth family, whether she ended up with us, whether she ended up with any of the hundreds of other prospective adoptive families that were waiting to adopt at the same time we were, she was always going to be loved."–Allison Olson

In this episode, we talk with Allison Olson, adoptee, adoptive mother and children’s book author, about her mission to change the adoption narrative from the "lucky child" to the "loved child".

Here’s what you will hear:

  • What is the lucky narrative?

  • Why the lucky narrative is hurtful and harmful to adoptees.

  • Tips on getting this message to those outside of the adoption community.

  • When & how to correct those who use the lucky narrative.

  • Why we should expect to make mistakes and what to do about them.

Links We Talk About & How to Find our Guest:

Allison’s author website:
Facebook, Instagram & TikTok handle: @kidsbooksbyallisonolson
Surrounded by Love: An Open Adoption Story
Love Letters to My Child: A Keepsake Journal (Open Adoption Stories)

About this Podcast

The Adoption Wait podcast was created for waiting adoptive parents looking for ways to feel less alone in their adoption journey. Join author and host Laci Richter (Refuel Your Wait: Find Hope and Overcome Fear While Adopting) as she chats with adoptive parents who have been through the wait. If you are waiting to adopt, these are the conversations that will offer practical advice and emotional support from those who get it.

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