Finding Support & Community While Waiting To Adopt

A Conversation With The Infant Adoption Guide's Tim Elder

Adoption support and community

The Adoption Wait, Episode 1

“We want the confidence that we can do it and know that it’s going to work out okay. And you don’t know. But, that’s why I strongly encourage community for everybody because those people get you.” – Tim Elder, Founder of The Infant Adoption Guide

In this episode, we talk about finding community and support while waiting to adopt. Tim Elder is an adoptive dad (times three) and the creator of The Infant Adoption Guide, a website and podcast that serves as an incredible resource for waiting adoptive families. Tim talks about the adoption wait and how finding the right group was the key to staying encouraged and finding hope while waiting to adopt. Tim is so passionate about this topic that he created The Infant Adoption Guide Community as a safe space for other waiting families to connect and support each other while waiting to adopt.

Here’s what you will hear:

- Why waiting adoptive families need to go on vacation.

- How connecting with other waiting adoptive families increases confidence & hope while waiting.

- How private online communities help eliminate the noise of larger online groups.

Show Notes:

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Links We Talk About:

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Refuel Your Wait: Find Hope and Overcome Fear While Adopting, Laci Richter

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Sowing in Tears: A Mother’s Sorrow in Infertility and Joy in Adoption, Leann Hale

You Can Adopt Without Debt, Julie Gum

Adoption Now Podcast, April Fallon

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About this Podcast

The Adoption Wait podcast was created for waiting adoptive parents looking for ways to feel less alone in their adoption journey. Join author and host Laci Richter (Refuel Your Wait: Find Hope and Overcome Fear While Adopting) as she chats with adoptive parents who have been through the wait. If you are waiting to adopt, these are the conversations that will offer practical advice and emotional support from those who get it.

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