Grieving & Recovering From a Disrupted Adoption

Disrupted adoption

A disrupted adoption is when a waiting adoptive family and an expectant family or a child eligible for adoption are matched, but the adoption is stopped at some point before finalization. Disrupted adoptions often result in the child being returned to the care of the adoption agency or the birth family. Disruptions can occur for a variety of reasons, including an expectant parent finding resources or support from family members and deciding to parent said child.

“I know that the pain in my story allowed these two children to get out of the orphanage, but also to stay with family and to stay in their culture and language and everything that they knew was the same...Had we never tried to adopt them, they may never have been placed back with was worth the pain that I had to go through.” --Samantha Morgan

In this episode, we talk with Samantha Morgan, Author, Speaker and mother of two by adoption, about disrupted adoption. Samantha and her husband experienced an disrupted international adoption before going on to adopt their three children. Samantha’s experience led her to create Rush to Hope, a grass roots support system for those dealing with infertility, miscarriage, loss of a child, or going through the adoption process.

Here’s what you will hear:

• How Samantha’s disrupted adoption brought 4 kids to a forever family.
• Why we need to normalize feelings after a disrupted adoption.
• When to move forward after a disrupted adoption.
• What you should choose to spend your time doing during an adoption wait.

Links We Talk About & How to Find our Guest:

Rush to Hope Website
Miraculously My Own: One woman's incredible journey of infertility, faith, and adoption

About this Podcast

The Adoption Wait podcast was created for waiting adoptive parents looking for ways to feel less alone in their adoption journey. Join author and host Laci Richter (Refuel Your Wait: Find Hope and Overcome Fear While Adopting) as she chats with adoptive parents who have been through the wait. If you are waiting to adopt, these are the conversations that will offer practical advice and emotional support from those who get it.

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