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I’m passionate about helping humans with “Type A” traits and adoptees learn how to connect to and care for their bodies. The majority of my practice focuses on addressing frustrating or shameful patterns of eating behaviors such as restriction, frequent dieting, binge eating, and irregular or inflexible eating. Together we can let go of rigidity and rules, untangle morality from food, release external narratives and expectations that are no longer serving you, and explore sustainable ways to nourish and care for your body and mind.


I help adoptees develop skills to eat with ease vs chaos

I’m passionate about helping anxious perfectionists & people pleasers learn how to connect to and care for their bodies. Guilt does not have to run the show anymore. You want joy. What if you believed there was no one "right way" to eat? What if pleasure was your priority? What if you believed you deserve pleasure AND you felt safe enough to reach for it? I help folks slow down, ditch frustrating food rules and beliefs, and develop skills to eat, move and be, with ease. Many of my clients have lost trust in themselves and their bodies. Have you ever felt like your body was public enemy number one? Disconnecting from our bodies is often a brilliant survival strategy (and mostly unconscious.) Dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, bulimia, and anorexia help manage, numb, or distract from uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or sensations inside us. I believe no behavior is maladaptive and all behaviors make sense. My clients describe me as gentle, patient, empathetic, and non-judgmental. My work is guided by compassion and curiosity. I will look at your behaviors as clues to what is happening in your internal world. I use a combination of top-down (focused on your brain and thoughts) and bottom-up (oriented toward your body sensations and emotions) therapeutic modalities for treating eating and body image concerns.
No Strings Nutrition LLC
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