How To Get Help From An Adoption Professional


You cannot legally place your child for adoption without the assistance of an adoption attorney or agency. Don't fear this fact. The sooner you begin working with one, the better. Adoption professionals will offer their services to you free of charge and are your ally, as you prepare to place your child.

Adoption Agencies

Will it cost me anything to work with an adoption agency?
No. As a woman considering adoption, there are no fees for you to work with an adoption agency. They will provide their services to you free of charge.

When should I contact an adoption agency and what services will they provide?
You should contact an adoption agency as soon as you feel ready. Most adoption agencies will provide you with counseling regarding your choices of parenting and adoption. Once you have decided to move forward with an adoption plan, they will help you meet families who are hoping to adopt. After you select a family, the adoption agency will move forward with the necessary paperwork regarding the adoption. After the birth and relinquishment of your child, they will assist in legalizing and finalizing the adoption.

Adoption Attorneys

When should I contact an adoption attorney?
If you have connected with a family on your own, through friends, a website profile, or other similar means, you will likely end up working with an adoption attorney to finalize your adoption. You can meet with your adoption attorney at any point before (or even immediately after) your baby is born. However, you should not sign relinquishment papers terminating your parental rights until after your baby is born.

What services will an adoption attorney provide?
Traditionally, an adoption attorney only helps with the legal side of the adoption process. This includes making sure you understand your rights, as well as finalizing the adoption for you and the adoptive parents. However, if you need additional counseling or support along the way, do not hesitate to ask. A good adoption attorney will be able to locate the help you need.

Do I have to pay for an adoption attorney?
No. As a woman considering adoption, you do not have to pay for an adoption attorney. This is an expense that the adoptive parents will be responsible for.