Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Considering Adoption For Your Baby

Pregnant woman with list of adoption questions

If you are considering placing your child for adoption, you will likely have a great many questions that you need answered. Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions about choosing adoption for you and your baby:

What is adoption?
Adoption is a legal process in which you terminate your parental rights. Adoptive parents will gain all legal and parental rights to your child.

Can I choose the parents who will adopt my baby?
Yes. You can choose and meet with the adoptive family prior to the birth and placement of your baby. Over the years, meeting good adoptive parents has become much easier.

Will I be able to see my baby or know how he or she is doing over the years?
Yes. There are varying levels of adoption that will allow you to receive updates or even visit with your child and the adoptive family.

How do I know the adoptive family is a good family?
Adoptive families are required to have home studies by a social worker. Their backgrounds and home life are investigated before they are legally approved to adopt.

What rights will I have as a birthmother?
It is important to keep in mind that you do not become a birthmother until you sign relinquishment papers terminating your parental rights. Until then, you are just an expectant mother considering adoption. You have all the rights to your baby and the ability to make decisions regarding your baby. Once you sign papers terminating parental rights, you no longer have rights to your baby. The adoptive parents assume all of these rights and responsibilities.

If I choose to move forward with an adoption plan, when is my decision final?
Exactly when you can sign papers terminating your parental rights as well as when those papers become final is dependent upon what state you live in. Some states give you a revocation period where you can change your mind while in other states, your decision is final the minute you sign terminating your parental rights. You can check out this States Statues List for more information on adoption laws by state.