Jan Collins

Jan Collins is the founder of The Birthmother Wellness Institute. She is a well-seasoned speaker, a birthmother wellness consultant for mental health professionals and faith communities and a voice for birthmothers across the country. She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work from Baylor University and completed her research and analysis on the long-term impact of relinquishment on birthmothers. Jan has had the privilege of sharing her story and research on radio programs, adoption webinars nation-wide, birthmother retreats and as a guest blogger for several adoption blogs. In addition to her professional repertoire, she is also the birthmother of a 23 year old son that she placed for adoption at birth. Jan personally understands the profound grief, confusion and conflicting emotions that can occur from placing a child for adoption. Through her workshops, Jan equips others to better care for birthmothers in their professional practices, faith groups and communities. She currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but claims Chicago as her home.

Visit Jan's site at www.birthmotherwellness.com/ You can email Jan at birthmotherwellness@outlook.com.