American Idol Contestant Announces She Is Placing Her Baby For Adoption

Pregnant singer

Pregnant American Idol contestant Amber Fiedler announced during her Sunday performance that she is placing her child for adoption. "If I’m not ready to be a mom, why would I put her through that, you know?”

Fiedler, a restaurant server who had a tough childhood, believes that this selfless decision is the best one for her and her unborn child. She received accolades from the American Idol judges for her performance and this brave decision. “Maybe you’re not ready to be a mom, but you are ready to be an American Idol,” said Katy Perry.

Fiedler echoed the sentiments of many birthmothers as she said, "My dream for the baby is that she lives a beautiful and happy life with the life that I have chosen for her, and I know she’s gonna.”