Florida Couple Finalizes Adoption via Zoom During Coronavirus Pandemic

Adoption via zoom during corona virus

Maureen and David from Royal Palm Beach, Florida finalized the adoption of their son Sebastian in an unconventional way on May 15. Due to the unique circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, they had a virtual adoption ceremony on Zoom that was a joyous occasion nonetheless, with family and friends surrounding them on the porch of their home instead of a Palm Beach County courthouse. After the ceremony, a drive-by parade of celebrations commenced marking the momentous occasion that legally united the family together.

Although it’s not what they envisioned for their special day, the couple said they’re happy that it was able to happen at all. Maureen told the Palm Beach Post of the ceremony and the Coronavirus, “We were nervous that this would put a hold on it.”

Maureen and David fought through years of fertility issues and a miscarriage to get where they are today. They started fostering Sebastian when he was 4 months old through faith-based fostering and adoption program Place of Hope. After his first birthday, they began the process of adoption. Maureen shared the couple’s journey to parenthood with thousands of followers through social media and blogging under the name “The Magical Mundane Life.” The adoption finalization gives the family some stability and peace of mind, as Maureen explained “I was always really nervous that something would change” up until it was finalized. When that day finally came, Maureen said “it made us all emotional.”

Maureen and David are in the process of being re-certified as foster parents and hope to foster more children. They wish to keep their last name anonymous to protect the privacy of Sebastian and their future children.