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Scam & Fraud

Whistleblower Moms Take Down Adoption Scammer

Adoptive parents come together to stop a woman posing as an adoption professional. Tara Lynn Lee swindled adoptive parents out of millions of dollars with false matches and other devious methods.

Feel Good

Adoptive Parents Given $20,000 By Ellen

Philadelphia couple and prospective adoptive parents Doug and Nick Roberts appeared on the Ellen Show and received a $20,000 gift for their adoption.

Adoption Costs

What Will You Spend Trying To Adopt A Baby?

Three families reveal what they spent to adopt their child. What will you spend to adopt your child?  

Scam & Fraud

Sorry, Not Sorry: Infamous Adoption Scammer Returns To Harass Families

Just days removed from her emotional appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, serial-adoption scammer Gabby appears to be tricking adoptive families again.