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Celebrity Adoption

SF Giants’ Buster Posey Opts out of 2020 Season Due to Health Concerns for Adopted Twins

Adopting: San Francisco Giants pitcher Buster Posey and his wife, Kristen, finalized the adoption of twin baby girls this month.

Feel Good

Florida Couple Finalizes Adoption via Zoom During Coronavirus Pandemic

Maureen and David from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, finalized the adoption of their son Sebastian in an unconventional way on May 15.

Scam & Fraud

Former Arizona Official and Private Adoption Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Illegal Adoptions

A former elected official from Arizona, Paul D. Petersen, who is also a private adoption lawyer, plead guilty to federal charges for adoption scheme.

Scam & Fraud

How To Stop Gabby The Adoption Imposter From Scamming & Disrupting Your Adoption Journey

If you are trying to adopt a baby, you need to familiarize yourself with Gabby, the adoption scammer. Gabby's goal is to earn your trust and trick you into believing she will place a baby with your family. Learn how to identify and stop Gabby before she scams your family.

Feel Good

American Idol Contestant Announces She Is Placing Her Baby For Adoption

“I’m hoping that she’s gonna understand I am trying to choose the best for her,” says American Idol contestant Amber Fiedler.

Scam & Fraud

Whistleblower Moms Take Down Adoption Scammer

Adoptive parents come together to stop a woman posing as an adoption professional. Tara Lynn Lee swindled adoptive parents out of millions of dollars with false matches and other devious methods.

Feel Good

Adoptive Parents Given $20,000 By Ellen

Philadelphia couple and prospective adoptive parents Doug and Nick Roberts appeared on the Ellen Show and received a $20,000 gift for their adoption.

Adoption Costs

What Will You Spend Trying To Adopt A Baby?

Three families reveal what they spent to adopt their child. What will you spend to adopt your child?  

Scam & Fraud

Sorry, Not Sorry: Infamous Adoption Scammer Returns To Harass Families

Just days removed from her emotional appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, serial-adoption scammer Gabby appears to be tricking adoptive families again.