Adoption Self Care

How Empowering and Life-Changing Self Care Can Revitalize Your Adoption Journey

Adoption self care

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 6

Today’s episode focuses on an aspect of the adoption journey that is often overlooked: self care. Activities like yoga, meditation, and acupuncture are considered routine remedies for many physical and health issues in our daily lives. But have you ever considered that all of these activities can also help create a positive adoption experience for your family? What are the various approaches to adoption self care and what are the benefits? This episode explores these questions and more with the help of two experienced health experts: Sherry Longbottom ( and Nicole Lange (

Sherry is a licensed registered nurse and an experienced yoga instructor who specializes in helping women on their fertility journeys. Nicole Lange is the create of the Baby You Want Mind Body Program. Nicole is an acupuncturist who has worked exclusively in the areas of fertility and trauma. Your family-building journey can benefit from the expertise of these two amazing guests. Don’t dismiss adoption self care as just another item on your adoption to-do list. Recognize that the trauma of infertility and the mental health toll of the adoption process is real. Prioritize self care and start feeling better about yourself with this informative and important podcast.

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