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How to get started with adoption advertising, social media, and DIY marketing to help speed up your adoption journey

What is adoption outreach

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 9

What is Adoption Outreach? Adoption outreach includes all the activities adoptive parents perform in order to meet potential birth parents. This includes word of mouth, internet advertising, social media, and other useful DIY techniques. Over the last decade, adoption outreach has become vital as adoptive parents are increasingly proactive and informed on their adoption journeys.

This podcast addresses important questions about adoption outreach like: What is a reasonable budget for advertising and social media? Why should I pay for extra outreach if I am already working with an agency or attorney? What types of outreach are most suitable for adoptive parents?

Learn how you can empower yourself with adoption outreach and impact your adoption search in positive ways with our special guest Hal Kaufman, Founder and President at My Adoption Advisor.

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