How To Get An Adoption Home Study

Why you need a home study, where to get it, what's involved, and how long it might take

How to get an adoption homestudy

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 10

For adoptive parents, obtaining a home study can be one of those most daunting and difficult parts of the adoption process. Demystifying the adoption home study is the goal of this podcast. Join host Nicole Witt and her special guest, Lori Fraas (Executive Director & Founder of Adoption Support Services of Florida), as they take a deep dive into the home study process. You'll learn why an adoption home study is needed and how much easier it is to obtain one than previously thought. Get a better understanding of the process, the length of time it might take, and the costs you might incur as you work toward completing your home study. If you are confused or intimidated by the home study process, this is the podcast for you.

Show Notes:

Adoption Support Services of Florida

• Lori Fraas on Linkedin

• General information on the home study process


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