Using Positive Adoption Language

"Give Up A Baby" And Other Commonly Used Negative Adoption Expressions

Positive adoption language

Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 3

Subtly or explicitly, your words matter. Whether or not you realize it, children and others hear your expressions and form real opinions and feelings based upon them. As you move forward with adopting, spend a little time considering the language and terminology you are choosing to describe your adoption. What message is your language sending? Expressions like "real mother", "real child", "my own child", and "giving up" may sound harmless. But their impact over the years has been largely negative and even harmful, especially to the children we love so dearly. Learn how to replace negative adoption language with inclusive words and terms in this illuminating episode. Find out which words to use - and not to use - with our special guest, the founder of A Step Ahead Adoption, Diane Hogan.

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• Diane Hogan, A Step Ahead Adoption
Positive Adoption Language


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