301: 9 Awkward & Messy Moments All Adoptive Parents Can Relate To

Adoption the long view ep1 season3

Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 301

To kick off Season 3, we address how you can prepare for 9 of the most common awkward, delicate, tricky situations that come up for adoptive parents. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation with your child (you're not my real mom!), and sometimes it's with others -- a dad on the soccer sidelines or a woman in the checkout line (how much did you pay for him?) -- others who are clueless or misguided or downright nosy. Being prepared for these tricky situations can make a HUGE difference for you, not only in your confidence as a parent, but also in your relationship with your child, and your child’s confidence in you, that you’ve “got it,” this parenting thing. Experienced adoptive mom Barbara Herel takes us through heavy situations in a lighthearted way.

Show Notes:

Barbara’s Website: everyfamilysgotone.com

Barbara on Instagram: @everyfamilysgotoneshow

Barbara on Facebook: Every Family’s Got One

Barbara on Twitter: @everyfamilysgot

Barbara’s podcast Trailer

Book that Barbara contributed to: Tick Tock: Essays on Becoming a Parent After Forty

Podcast Barbara writes for: Navigating Adoption presented by AdoptUSKids

Barbara on Adopting.com: 4 Lessons I’ve Learned as an Adoptive Mom

What My Adoptive Parents Could Have Done Differently (mentioned)

Why Do We Suck at Adoption Telling? (mentioned)

How to Avoid Oversharenting (mentioned)

Creating a Family Cross-Triad Facebook Group (mentioned)


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