Exploring The Differences Between Adoption and Gestational Surrogacy

Differences between adoption and surrogacy

All My Love: Stories of Hope, Inspiration & Support From A Birth Mother, Episode 3

What are the differences between gestational surrogacy and adoption? Well, for starters, most women who are considering adoption are never expecting to be in that position in the first place! With gestational surrogacy, a woman makes a conscious choice to carry a child who is not biologically related to her. In adoption, a woman carries a child who is absolutely biologically her child.

In this episode, join me for an honest conversation with my good friend Hoku, a gestational surrogate. Hoku and I discuss the major differences between adoption and surrogacy as well as topics like the language of adoption, how adoption relationships differ from surrogacy relationships, and how a surrogate picks a family to work with.


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