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Ang & Mike

Loving and passionate family hoping to adopt

Hello, we are Angela and Mike. We both work in education I dedicated life to special education, and Mike to teaching and coaching HS students. Mike and I enjoy family fun days, traveling, having living room dance parties, and spending as much quality time with family as possible.

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Age: 40
Occupation: Special Education Administrator
Education: Ph.D.
Hobbies: Anything with my family
What You Should Know About Me:

Angela is a beautiful, fun and compassionate person. She encourages people to follow their dreams. She has dedicated her life to supporting children with special needs and their families. She loves to listen to books, travel, and spend quality time with family.

Age: 43
Occupation: Teacher and Coach
Education: Masters+
Hobbies: Coaching track and golf
What You Should Know About Me:

Mike is a one of a kind father. Mike is a kind, fun and funny person. He loves our living room dance parties. He makes our lives so much fun. Mike is always up for an adventure - loves to travel, teach/coach, and his scientific mind likes discovering how something works. He is incredibly smart and kind.