adoption profile - Dawn & Darrell & kids

Dawn & Darrell & kids

Meet the family at Broken Yoke Ranch

Our family consists of Dawn and Darrell and our three children who arrived to our family through the gift of open adoption. We have a farm and always dreamed of a big family. With each adoption our family grows not just with one more kiddo but a whole new branch of loving individuals.

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Dawn and Darrell
Dawn and Darrell
Age: 38
Occupation: education and recycling
Education: we both have masters degrees
Religion: we expose our children to religion
Hobbies: Farming
What You Should Know About Me:

Dawn and Darrell reside in Ohio on a large farm, we enjoy spending many hours outside with our kiddos and family. Our kids have a large sand box and playground, they enjoy playing in the garden, chasing cows, camping in the back 40 and wrestling with the dogs.

Our Kids
Our Kids
Occupation: have fun
Education: prek
Religion: we enjoy going to church with grandparents
Hobbies: Playing outside
What You Should Know About Me:

Austin(4), Brantley(3) and Carter(1) are the amazing kids that have graced our lives. They make our lives so bright and we enjoy sharing every moment with them.