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Estelle & Alex

Loving, fun married couple looking to adopt

We are an energetic, fun-loving, and above all, caring couple. Estelle cares for nature and the environment, and Alex works on children's health. We are both super close to family, & love getting everyone together for the holidays around yummy food. Very outdoorsy! We kayak, swim, snowboard, scuba-dive, hike.

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Occupation: Children's health
Education: PhD
Hobbies: Dancing, grilling, snowboarding, photography
What You Should Know About Me:

Alex is warm, funny, generous, sunny, and has a wonderful calm about him. His quiet, confident chillness puts people at ease no matter what the circumstance. Born in Brazil, Alex came to the USA to obtain his PhD at an Ivy League school. He works for the United Nations. Wherever he goes, he plays music and barbecues.

Occupation: Environmentalist - working to save forests
Education: Law School
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Bake, dance, ski, hike, kayak, swim, read
What You Should Know About Me:

Estelle has traveled the world and speaks several languages (including Portuguese and Spanish). She is caring, suuuuper close to her family, a dedicated aunt, and affectionate. She’s very outdoorsy and enthusiastically hikes to the highest peaks of mountains or scuba dives deep into coral reefs.