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Hannah & Zack

We are a creative, fun, out-doorsy, and adventurous couple in the Pacific Northwest looking to complete our family through Adoption

Hello Birth Mom, Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. As a family we love to traveling to experiencing new cultures we love the outdoors for the fresh air and beauty in the world. We enjoy being creative weather with arts and craft projects or building new things.

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About Us

Age: 33
Occupation: Photographer, Illustrator, stay-at-home mom
Education: BFA
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Painting, photography, Hiking, Camping
What You Should Know About Me:

Hannah is a creative person. Always enjoying making art, decorating the house, and making craft projects with her son. She a person who is always there for her friends and family, Hannah loves being a mom and making every day fun and interesting for her son.

Age: 36
Occupation: Engineer, Board game designer, Inventor
Education: MFA
Hobbies: Wood-working, Board games, Hiking, Travel
What You Should Know About Me:

Zack is an engineer who loves to custom build things for the house and involve the rest of the family in the home improvements. He is genuine, reliable and a bit of a nerd, constantly learning and expanding his knowledge.