adoption profile - SP & BJ


"We are a fun-loving couple from NYC & are incredibly excited to grow our family through adoption."

Our greatest joy is spending time with family, loved ones, and our newly adopted husky. We were both extremely fortunate to grow up in warm, loving homes. We have truly valued our time together as a couple and now can't wait to continue our story with little ones by our side.

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Occupation: Counselor and Instructor
Education: Master's Degree
Hobbies: tennis, creating a warm, cozy, lively space
What You Should Know About Me:

SP will be an extremely patient, compassionate and nurturing mother.

Occupation: Finance
Education: Bachelors Degree
Hobbies: Road trips, Camping, Travel
What You Should Know About Me:

BJ will be a truly loving and supportive father, always leading by example.