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A Loving Option Adoption

865-684-1894 Knoxville, 37917

We believe mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies deserve support and education on their options and resources. Our team walks alongside mothers who decide to make the loving choice of entering into a plan to place their child into an adoptive family that she feels is best to care for her child and provide them with the life she dreams for them. Our program exists as an extension of broader services from our Pregnancy Help Center. This allows a mother the flexibility to receive Parenting Education and Resources should she decide at any point that she does not want to place and make the d...

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Adoption & Beyond

913-381-6919 Overland Park, 66085

• At Adoption & Beyond, we stand out from other child placement agencies through our unwavering commitment to building healthy families through child-centered adoptions. We understand that every adoption journey is unique, and we strive to provide personalized support and guidance to prospective adoptive parents, birth parents, and the adopted child. • What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to adoption. We not only facilitate the adoption process but also prioritize the emotional well-being and long-term success of all parties involved. Our dedicated team of professionals, includin...

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Absolute Love Adoptions Inc

(724) 473-3183 Erie, 16506

Absolute Love Adoptions is committed to comprehensive adoption services that are accessible, ethical, collaborative and well informed. Our vision is to cultivate an adoption conscious community. We are a small agency and as such, ensure highly individualized services to our clients so that you are highly satisfied with the way your adoption experience unfolds. Our goal is to ensure you are well prepared for adoption and that you thoroughly understand the choices available to you, both for expectant parents and prospective adoptive parents. We work throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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