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We are a domestic infant placement agency and home study provider. We are a licensed, non-profit organization.


Where families take root

Absolute Love Adoptions is committed to comprehensive adoption services that are accessible, ethical, collaborative and well informed. Our vision is to cultivate an adoption conscious community.

We are a small agency and as such, ensure highly individualized services to our clients so that you are highly satisfied with the way your adoption experience unfolds.

Our goal is to ensure you are well prepared for adoption and that you thoroughly understand the choices available to you, both for expectant parents and prospective adoptive parents.

We work throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Absolute Love Adoptions Inc
Business Type: Agency, Social Worker, Gifts & Merchandise, Home Study Provider Location: Erie, 16506 Website: https://www.absoluteloveadoptions.com Phone: (724) 473-3183 Email: info@absoluteloveadoptions.com Specialties: Expectant Parent Options Counseling, Home Studies + Post Placement Visits, Care Packages for Birth Moms

Our Services

Absolute Love Adoptions Inc - Expectant Parent Options Counseling
Expectant Parent Options Counseling
Non-Directive Counseling LGBTQ+ Friendly Low Cost or Free Connection to Community Resources Neutral Meeting Location
Absolute Love Adoptions Inc - Home Studies + Post Placement Visits
Home Studies + Post Placement Visits
ICPC Compliance Virtual Interviews Free Education Resources
Absolute Love Adoptions Inc - Care Packages for Birth Moms
Care Packages for Birth Moms
3 Themes, 3 Sizes All small business, artisan gifts 15% of proceeds go to a Birth Mom Support Fund