308: The Challenges of Transracial Adoptive Parenting

Adoption the long view ep308

Adoption: The Long View Podcast, Episode 308

Parenting is a Big Deal. But adoptive parenting? Well, that brings a whole other layer to plain old parenting. Add in a transracial element? Wrap another layer around an already wrapped Big Deal. Separation from original parents, no matter how necessary or well-intended, is traumatic for a child. Growing up not genetically mirrored by people you live with adds another challenge for a child doing the hard work of forming and integrating their identity. When there are big differences in culture, heritage, and history, and language between parent and child, parents by transracial adoption have a lot of extra Big Deals to be mindful of and strategic about.

This month’s guest is transracial adoptive mom Lynn Brown. Her two daughters were placed with her through the foster care system 9 years ago when they were very young. Lynn Brown is Black. Her daughters are white.

Parenting by interracial adoption is Extra, no question. There are so many additional things parents need to do to bring their children’s heritage to them, and to better understand their children’s culture and incorporate it into daily life. Doing so takes continual commitment and intention. Here to talk about transracial parenting in general and her situation in particular is Lynn Brown.

Show Notes

Facebook Group for Non-White Transracial Adoptive Parents: Start here to find access to a group that is hidden. https://www.facebook.com/groups/transracialperspectives

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families: https://www.heritagecamps.org/

PACT Transracial Adoption Camps: https://www.pactadopt.org/

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